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Greenman D-Grease 765ml

Greenman D-Grease 765ml


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Greenman D-Grease


Greenman HEAVY DUTI MULTI-PURPOSE DEGREASER can be used as is or diluted.  Apply Greenman Multi Purpose Degreaser to the affected area or surface, for heavier soiling allow the product to set in for some time, before attempting to wipe away. When using the product as a degreaser for machine parts, it is recommended that you submerse the equipment in a diluted solution of the degreaser.

  • Biodegradable – botanical blend that’s environmentally friendly
  • Proudly South African Product
  • Breaks down gasoline, diesel, motor oil, grease, antifreeze, hydraulic & brake fluids
  • Heavy-duty degreaser
  • 100% non-toxic and carcinogen free
  • Removes oil, grease & petrol from surfaces 
  • Formulated to react with metal oxides & form a protective film on metal surfaces
  • Converts dirt deposits into small suspended particles that rinse away easily
  • Water-based, eco-friendly formula
  • NO ethylene oxide, bleach or mutagens
  • It is safe for pets and to use during pregnancy

Use: Used for Aviation, the Marine industry, Vehicles, Kitchens, Fat Traps and General Cleaning and Conditioning of various metals such as Aluminium, Steel, Hard Surfaces and Floors.

Ingredients: Aqua, viable bacterial cultures, silicate derivatives, non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants



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