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Herbatint Hair Color - 5C Light Ash Chestnut 150ml

No Parabens  / No Ammonia / No Resorcinol



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Herbatint 5C Light Ash Chestnut


Herbatint is the most natural permanent hair dye available in South Africa.

It contains no Ammonia, no Resorcinol and no Paraben, and the lowest possible levels of Peroxide and PPD, meaning it is a lot safer for you and a lot gentler on your hair with no smell and no burning sensation.

Herbatint uses herbal extracts to achieve a beautiful, completely effective permanent colour – without damaging the hair structure – while nourishing, protecting and conditioning the hair and scalp. To guarantee grey coverage, it is recommended to mix 5C with 5N (same number in the natural range), as the colours in the natural range between 1N and 8N cover grey 100%. The Ash colours including 5C can be used to remove the redness and warmth in other colours. The bottles have screwable lids so you can save what you don’t use for further applications. For short to medium hair, the contents should allow enough for two applications. Pack contains 1 Herbatint Haircolour Gel 60ml, 1 Glycol Developer 60ml, 1 sachet of Royal Cream Conditioner 15ml, 1 sachet of Normalizing Shampoo 15ml, 1 pair gloves, 1 leaflet giving directions for use.



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