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Natural Health 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Marula (coconut sugar) 200g

10 servings – Just add Water

Instant Creamy Coffee drink, that is sweetened with Coconut sugar & No Additives, other than a flavorant





200g – 10 Servings

3 in 1 INSTANT MARULA COFFEE – Sweetened with Coconut sugar

No Corn syrup / No Hydrogenated oils / No Emulsifiers / No Creamers / No Stabilizers / No Maltodextrin


Finally an instant coffee, that only contain ‘clean ingredients’.  This is a creamy drink with strong coffee flavor. Just add water and your choice of sweetener.

Product is packed in resealable clear tall doypack

Ingredients: Full cream & Skim milk powder, Coconut sugar, Sweet whey, Instant Coffee, Flavorant