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Natural Health Vegan Pea Protein - Maca & Raw Cacao 510g

Vegan Protein / Unsweetened / No Additives / Biodegradable tin

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Maca & Raw Cacao Vegan Pea Protein Smoothie / 510g

A delicious Vegan Pea Protein Smoothie with superfoods Raw Cacao and Maca.

Pea Protein is a great Hypoallergenic Dairy Free Protein, that is easily Digested and due to the BCAA’s willkeep one full longer between meals, energize your workouts etc.

Raw Cacao is not chemically processed & roasted as normal cocoa power, which destroys a large amount of the antioxidants and flavanols. Raw Cacao contains high amounts of antioxidants and a good source of Iron, Calcium & Magnesium.

MACA contains a lot of important vitamins, minerals and contains over 20 amino acids & plenty health promoting phyto-nutrients. It is rich in Antioxidants, assist with balancing of hormone levels and may improve energy, mood & memory.

Ingredients: Pea Isolate powder, Raw cacoa, Maca powder

per 100g               30g Serving

  •  Kilojoules                2068                     620
  •  Protein                     77                          23.0
  •  Carbohydrates        4.7                          1.4

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