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Royal Nutrition Chocolate Slim Shake - Probiotics, MCT & Collagen 400g

Whey /  Collagen / MCT / L Glutamine  – NO Additives

A Unsweetened Protein Shake, to promote weight loss and assist with digestion issues. 



Royal nutrition Slim Shake – Chocolate 

Whey /  Collagen / MCT / L Glutamine  – NO Additives

To promote weight loss, drink this High Protein, Low Carb Shake as a meal replacement, together with a balanced low carb diet & exercise program.  This is Unsweetened, so you can add your own choice of sweetener

Each 40g Servings contains: 

  • 10g Collagen
  • 10g MCT Oil Powder
  • 5g L Glutamine
  • 25g Protein
  • 1,4g Carbs

Ingredients:  Grass Fed Whey concentrate, 10g Hydrolyzed (Bovine) Collagen, 10g MCT Powder, 5g L Glutamine, Cocoa

Collagen helps suppress appetite, improves skin texture, joint pain, GI health & reduce inflammation. Baobab is high in Vitamin C. Probiotics are beneficial good bacteria, that assist digestive health. Prebiotics are types of fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.”

MCT Oil contains powerful fatty acids, that fight yeast & bacterial growth. Collagen supports health skin, hair, nails & joints and is known to increase metabolism, build muscle & burn fat.

L glutamine is known to improve gastrointestinal health, promotes a healthy gut, muscle growth and improves athletic performance and recovery.




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