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Seaverah's Shaping and Sculpting Body Serum


Seaverah’s Shaping and Sculpting Body Serum

An all-natural skin solution!!

Review:” I have tried various cellulite products over the years… I found Seaverah Body Serum to be the most effective and fast acting. I can also see a difference in marks on my skin- they became lighter!  It is easily absorbed, moisturising and feels great on my skin!”  Marita

  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Tighten skin and reduce wrinkles
  • Lighten blemishes and stretch marks
  • Some powerful ingredients include, Kelp Extract, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Extract and Horse chestnut Extract.

We love the story behind this product as it was initially designed for only one special lady.  A scientist created it one day after his tiny wife asked him whether he could make her a product that would help her with her cellulite. Her husband was convinced he could apply what he learnt from chemistry and patients that struggled with poor blood circulation, so he “reverse engineered” how the skin works, what leads to problems and how to improve its shape and tone.

Feeling cherished and excited that her husband created this potion in her honour, she started using it, and to her surprise, it worked! The news soon spread to family and close friends about this special product she had secretly been using, and for a long time only a few special friends and family knew about and used it as well.  Then one day everything changed as the Body Serum became an exclusive part of the Seaverah Company. After testing the product it was clear it was too valuable to keep a secret any longer!

Today we, Seaverah, market this product as part of our range and have had great feedback, some customers referring to it as their “little miracle”.

The formula works in five stages, stage one increasing micro-circulation, stage two detoxing of underlying tissue, stage three assisting metabolism of cells, stage four draining of stored water and fat then stage five firming and conditioning of the skin.

The Benefits of Seaverah Body Serum

  1. Detox, cleanse, tone and lift the skin naturally at the same time without any chemicals or parabens.
  2. Help with bruising or bad circulation.
  3. Reduce excess water retention especially lower limbs.
  4. Sculpt away cellulite and maintain better control over it.
  5. Lighten blemishes on the skin and treat newly appeared stretch marks.
  6. Use a fast acting formula that is gentle enough for everyday use.
  7. Have a product that is free of harmful chemicals.
  8. Help to repair and support sun damage skin or pigmentation.
  9. No oily or sticky residue easy to apply.
  10. Suitable for all skin types.


Fucus Extract- Increases skin hydration and improves elasticity.

Guarana Extract- Increases metabolic rhythm and blood flow.

Kelp Extract- Stimulates breaking down of fat.

Horse chestnut Extract- Reduces swelling in the veins and promotes blood flow.

Ivy Extract- Helps with circulation and gets rid of toxins.

Spirulina Extract- Helps to break down cholesterol in the blood.

Capsicum Extract- Increases skin regeneration.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract- Improves micro-circulation.

Vitamin B3 Extract- Helps with detox.

Dihydrogen Dioxide- Strengthens metabolism and stimulates break up of fat.


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