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Vondi's Ostrich Marrows x 3 units

Vondi’s Ostrich Marrows 300g


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Vondi’s Ostrich Marrows


The Ostrich Marrow, with two in a pack, are raw bones that make for a great go-to chew. Our bones are all raw and dried, which makes them perfectly safe for pets. Cooked bones can be dangerous for puppies as they could splinter and injure your dog while he is chewing, making raw bones a much safer bet.

Vondi’s entire range of natural treats are produced locally using only the best quality ingredients – and they contain absolutely no preservatives. Vondi’s fundamental belief is that raw treats are the most biologically appropriate for pets. As such, the majority of their treats remain raw and are simply dried.

It is important to give your dog treats because chewing is hugely beneficial to your dog’s dental health and at the same time it helps your fur baby get some jaw action. In addition to the enjoyment that your fur child gets from our treats, they also serve as a “toothbrush” for your pet.

Vondi’s treats are also:

  • High in protein
  • Healthy (all natural)
  • Grain- and wheat-free
  • Affordable

Our treats contain NO artificial flavourants or colourants (hence their raw and natural appearance).




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