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Natural Health Buckwheat Stoneground Flour 500g

500g in Recyclable bag – Gluten & Wheat Free



Buckwheat Stoneground Flour

Buckwheat is one of the healthiest, nuttiest, most versatile whole grains. And despite its name, it’s really not related to wheat at all. Buckwheat is actually the seed of a flowering fruit that is related to rhubarb and sorrel. It’s completely GLUTEN FREE and unrelated to wheat and all the grasses in the wheat family.

This Ancient Grain is high in both protein and fiber, packed with nutrients and antioxidants.  A major benefit of buckwheat compared to other grains is that it has a unique amino acid composition that give it special biological activities.


  • boost in heart health
  • reduction in blood pressure
  • aid in weight loss
  • prevention of certain cancers
  • management of diabetes
  • improved digestion & cholesterol levels
  • improve stronger immune system
  • help with skin and hair health due to range of proteins, minerals and antioxidants
  • elimination of gallstones
  • protection from asthma attacks
  • relief from constipation and other intestinal conditions



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1kg, 500g


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