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Cape Dutch Dark Thick Hot Chocolate 1Kg

Casein Free / No Additives / No GMO / Gluten Free / No Flavorants


Categories , Brand: Cape Dutch


This is a luxurious Dark thick Hot Chocolate, that is lightly sweetened. This product is Casein Free because it contains No Milk powder and only Whey powder. To keep it casein free though, make this product with your favorite ‘Milk alternative’.  It also contains No Additives & No GMO.

Due to the Tapioca starch, that must be cooked, one have to make this product correct – like custard.

How to prepare:

  • Add little bit of cold milk to 3 teaspoons of powder, stir into a paste and add rest of Cold Milk.
  • Heat one of the following ways:  1) Over stove top    2) Microwave    3) Coffee machine frother

Take the extra time to make it right.. it will be worth it 🙂

You can drink it as a Hot Chocolate (make it as thick as you want) OR use it even as a Sauce over dessert.  Add a bit of Butter, Cream or dash of liqueur, to make it even more yummy!   Enjoy!

Ingredients:  Sugar, Cocoa, Whey powder, Tapioca, Acacia gum, Vanilla




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