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Pure Spice Sumac Refill 60g – 250g

50g resealable pouch.

It contains No Additives and is Non Radiated


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60g & 250g Resealable pouch

Pure Spice Sumac

With a deep red hue and trademark citrusy tartness, sumac is one of the most instantly recognizable spices of the Middle East. Although sumac has yet to become a household ingredient in every American kitchen, this unique and exotic spice has long been lauded around the world for its bold flavor and health-giving properties.

In addition to its rich culinary history, which dates back beyond the Roman empire, the health benefits of this ancient spice were first documented thousands of years ago in Greek medicinal texts, which noted sumac’s antiseptic qualities. Today, this versatile ingredient is used worldwide to enhance and compliment the flavors of everything from hearty grilled meats, to fresh vegetables, to delicate desserts.

Made from the dried and ground berries of the wild sumac flower, sumac is a tangy spice with a sour, acidic flavor reminiscent of lemon juice. This fragrant spice is used to brighten up dry rubs, spice blends like za’atar, and dressings. Sumac is also commonly used as a garnish, to add a pop of bold color or slight acidity to a dish before serving.

Sumac is ideally used in place of (or in addition to) lemon juice or lemon zest when making dishes like salads, hummus, marinades or dressings, tzatziki, or baba ganoush.

You can also sprinkle it atop basmati rice, grain salads, pita chips, or any type of flatbread (or use it as way to pump up the flavor of store bought breads or chips). Add it to roasted vegetables, fried or scrambled eggs, or incorporate it into roasted nuts.

Health benefits of sumac

Sumac is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory spices out there. It ranks high on the ORAC chart, which means it’s packed with antioxidants and has the ability to neutralize free radicals that can cause cancer, heart disease, and signs of aging.

Sumac is also a beneficial ingredient for those with type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that daily intake of sumac for three months will lower the risk of cardiovascular disease among people with type 2 diabetes.

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