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TeaSpresso Rooibos Espresso 200g / 1Kg

Caffeine Free / No Additives / No Flavorants


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TeaSpresso Rooibos Espresso

200g / 1Kg

TeaSpresso is not normal Tea, but an Espresso Style Tea which means it’s made in a different fashion than other normal tea’s. The taste is therefor remarkably different – giving a stronger & smooth Rooibos flavor. It can also be made with a Filter machine & Plunger, but the preferred method is with an Espresso coffee machine.

You can make all the below drinks, by using a Rooibos Espresso as a base for these drinks.

HOT DRINKS: Tea Espresso, Tea Cappuccino, Tea Latte, Tea Macchiato, Tea Mocha & various.

COLD DRINKS, such as Tea Juice, Tea Shake, Tea Smoothie etc. All the above drinks are made starting with a Rooibos ‘espresso’ as the base product.

The demand for Rooibos Espresso is growing world wide. Customers not only enjoy the taste, but also love the fact that it supports a healthy lifestyle. For the health conscious who have been struggling to find a coffee alternative, TeaSpresso is that new great caffeine free alternative.

Our Rooibos Espresso contains a spice mix that will give you a subtle chai and smooth Rooibos Flavor.

Product Ingredients:  Rooibos, Chai Spice mix(Cinnamon, Cardomon, Black peppercorns, Cloves Ginger,)


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1kg, 200g


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