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Pure Spice Cinnamon Sticks Refill 50g

50g resealable pouch

Pure / Non Radiated


50g resealable pouch

Pure Spice’s Cinnamon sticks contains No Additives and is Non Radiated.

Cinnamon is known for its delicious flavor and with all the below health benefits, its definitely a spice one should include in one’s diet. Have it in your oats, with cooked apples, in your smoothies or in your tea…

  • Loaded with Antioxidants
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory benefits
  • Protects heart health
  • Stabilizes Blood sugar – Improve sensitivity to the hormone insulin
  • Preserves Brain Function
  • Fight infections and viruses
  • May protect against Cancer
  • Optimizes Oral Health
  • Prevents Candida
  • Benefits Skin health


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