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Kidz & Tots Wheat Free Malty Choc Cereal (Unsweetened)


This is an Instant Sorghum & Maize Instant Cereal with cocoa & Unsweetened

Wheat free / No GMO / No Soy / No harmful oils / No Maltodextrin / No added Sugar or Sweetener


350g resealable clear doypack

SORGHUM & MAIZE  – Malty Choc

Gluten free / Soy Free / GMO Free / No Maltodextrin / No added Sugar or Sweetener

Suitable for Toddlers from 12 months old

This is an instant Kidz & Toddlers Cereal, with NO Additives or harmful ingredients. It contains Cocoa & Malt, that gives it a natural light sweetened. It contains No added Sugar or Sweetener

Ingredients: Sorghum, Maize, Skim Milk powder, Malt, Sweet Whey, Cocoa



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